Chances are, you’ve seen a home with uPVC windows and doors. They’re everywhere! From inner-city terraces to countryside farmhouses, the white frames of uPVC windows and doors are a familiar sight up and down the UK. But what makes them such a popular choice for millions of homeowners nationwide?

uPVC windows and doors boomed in popularity in the UK during the 1980s. For the first time, homeowners could afford to replace their single-glazed, wooden-framed windows with high-tech double glazing. White uPVC doors and windows became an increasingly common sight through the 90s, and nowadays, over 80% of UK window installations use uPVC. They remain an enduringly popular and desirable choice to this day.

Here are 6 key benefits of uPVC windows and doors, and why they could make a fantastic addition to your home!

uPVC Windows And Doors

Highly Durable

uPVC is short for un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride. It’s a very rigid type of plastic that makes a great alternative to painted wood. When used for installing windows and doors, it’s fitted around a galvanised steel core, giving uPVC frames exceptional strength and durability.

uPVC window frames and doors are also thermally resistant, meaning they don’t conduct heat the same way that metal does. That makes them able to withstand the unpredictable UK weather and extreme heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow. Unlike old-fashioned timber or delicate aluminium frames, uPVC frames won’t rot, peel, warp, corrode, or flake.

When professionally installed and properly maintained, this high durability makes uPVC windows and doors capable of lasting around 20 years, sometimes even as long as 35 years!

uPVC Windows And Doors

Low Maintenance

Another significant advantage of uPVC windows and doors is that they’re incomparably easy to look after and clean. That’s perfect when considering the hectic lifestyles and many modern homeowners, where there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do all our cleaning!

Looking after uPVC frames is often as simple as dusting them off with a dry cloth and wiping them down with a damp cloth afterwards. Virtually any type of all-purpose cleaner is acceptable to use on uPVC, and because they’re unpainted, you don’t need to worry about accidentally taking off chips or flakes of paint.


uPVC Windows And Doors

Energy Efficient

Whether it’s because of our increased awareness of the effect our day-to-day lives are having on the environment, or simply a desire to lower energy bills to a more affordable rate, energy efficiency is a topic at the front of many homeowners minds. uPVC windows and doors can actively help reduce your energy usage by offering impressive energy efficiency.

On a basic level, uPVC frames are excellent at stopping the outside cold and dampness from getting into your home. More technically, the space between the two panes of glass in uPVC double-glazing acts as insulation and prevents the indoor warmth from escaping outside.

By keeping your home extra toasty when the colder months creep in, you can turn down the thermostat on your central heating. You’ll be reducing the size of your carbon footprint while saving hundreds, potentially thousands of pounds off your energy bills over the frames’ 20+ year lifespan.

Safe & Secure

We all want to feel safe and secure in our own homes. It’s all very well spending thousands of pounds on hi-tech cameras and alarms, but if your windows or doors are easy to break into, criminals could be in and out of your home with your possessions before anybody even realises it. Because uPVC frames are durable, they’re also strong, highly stable, and resilient against attacks from any would-be burglars.

uPVC double-glazed windows and doors are notoriously difficult to break. Double-glazing means there are effectively two obstacles for any potential home invaders to have to get through, and the gas that builds up between the two panes of glass makes them shock absorbent too.

Having uPVC windows and doors can even act as a visual deterrent to would-be thieves since they’ll know that older, wooden frames make for a much easier target.

Suitable For Most Homes

Many modern homes are built with a clean, neutral, and stylish look in mind. Not only are uPVC windows and doors perfect for installation in these types of homes, but they don’t look out of place when installed into almost any other kind of existing property.

If you live in a period, heritage, or listed property, or if you live in a conservation area, strict council permissions can hinder some upgrades to your home, but this isn’t the case with uPVC frames! Because of their clean and stripped-back design, uPVC windows and doors have become widely accepted by most councils, and they’re unlikely to upset your neighbours either.

Skylights project at a house

Great Value For Money

Everybody wants the best possible quality for the lowest possible price, and our homes are no exception. Of course, upgrading the windows and doors of your home is a significant investment, but uPVC frames are by far the most affordable available today.

These windows and doors will cost less than aluminium or timber frames while also bringing the durability, energy efficiency, and security we’ve discussed above. They can even ADD value to your home. Recent research shows uPVC frames bring with them an average 10% increase to the value of your home, making them more of an investment than an outlay!



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