Bifold doors have become an increasingly popular investment for homeowners, creating a connection between the indoor living space and the outdoors, bringing in lots of much-needed natural light. Not only do they look gorgeous and add a contemporary feel to the home, but they are also very secure and require little maintenance.

If you are thinking of adding bifold doors to your home, then continue reading as we outline the key points to consider before doing so.

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As with all types of door and window, the cost of bifolds hugely vary depending on the material, size and quality. Therefore, it is important to establish where your priorities lie from the outset.

Do you want to opt for a cheaper set of doors that may need to be replaced several years down the line? Or are you looking for a longer-term investment and are willing to splash out on a higher-quality, premium product, like Schuco bifold doors?

When deciding your budget, you should also factor in other expenditures that are typically added to the final cost, such as delivery, installation and VAT. Be sure to check with your supplier and get a breakdown of all costs so as to avoid any nasty surprises.

Material, colour and finish

The material that you choose for your bifold doors will affect the overall look and feel of your interiors, so this is a crucial factor to consider. Many bifold doors are made from high-quality aluminium, which give them a sleek, contemporary appearance. This material is popular because it is stylish and versatile, suiting most modern interiors.

Additionally, aluminium bifolds typically have slim frames, making them lightweight but surprisingly robust.

Other widely-used materials include uPVC and timber. uPVC will likely be your least expensive option but can still offer good insultation and requires little maintenance, though they do not offer the same slim, sleek frames as aluminium doors do. Timber is also a robust material and is a good choice for classic interiors or period properties.

In terms of colour and finish, the options are abundant, giving you the chance to get creative. Gone are the days where bifold doors would customarily be white in colour. Now, almost any colour and finish can be applied to the material of your choosing, including powder-coated and matte finishes. Just make sure the doors blend well with your interiors!

Design elements

With bifold doors, the possibilities are plentiful and there many different design elements you can choose from that will suit your individual requirements and style.

Firstly, consider the number of door panels you would like. Those requiring several panels will need a fair amount of space, as they will typically fold up on themselves like a concertina. If you are unsure, your bifold door supplier should be able to guide you on the recommended number of panels for the space you have to work with.

Many people also like to include a traffic door within their bifold doors, which enables quick access to the outside, without having to open the entire door system. This feature is ideal for homeowners who do not have an alternative backdoor and need something that will offer easy convenience, especially in the winter months when your bifolds are likely to remain closed.

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One of the key qualities that any door should have is robust security, which is why it is essential to consider these features when making your choice.

Many people now opt for bifold doors with secure, multi-point locking systems, which lock at several different points around the door frame, making it difficult for intruders to break in. This makes them much more secure than standard doors, which typically only have one locking mechanism that can be drilled or forced open with minimal effort.

The doors’ glazing is also an important factor, with double and triple glazing now commonplace in modern bifold doors, making the glass exceptionally difficult to break. Sturdy glazing also results in good thermal insultation, helping to keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, reducing energy costs.

Thinking of purchasing a set of bifold doors?

There is a reason why bifold doors are so trendy – not only are they easy to install, look attractive and add value to the home, but they are also incredibly secure.

If you are thinking of purchasing a set of elegant new bifold doors, then contact a trusted manufacturer or supplier, who will be able to guide you on the key features and style of doors that will best suit your home.

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