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Patio’s (the Spanish word for an outdoor space adjoining a house or building) are becoming increasingly desirable across a range of buildings – meaning there’s been a rise in demand for patio sliding doors too. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home with uninterrupted garden views, add a stylish terrace to a hotel or restaurant, or even give an office some extra functionality, comfort, and ease of access, sliding patio doors are a popular and cost-effective option. They take up a lot less space than bifold patio doors, are more durable than traditional French doors, can increase energy efficiency by reducing heating and cooling costs. To top it off, they can even add around 12% to the resale value of a home!

There are plenty of different styles and models of patio sliding door available, each with their own extra benefits for different spaces and types of property. We at the Bifold Door Factory are experts at providing some of the best options to choose from- and why they could be the perfect solution to blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Sliding doors for complete design freedom and versatility

Schuco has been a leading manufacturer of aluminium doors and windows for over fifty years. They have earned a reputation for providing quality and versatility with their German-engineered, British-built designs. Their latest range of patio sliding doors is no exception to this expectation.

The Schuco ASE 60/80 sliding doors come in an extensive range of sizes and can be installed with single, double, or triple tracks. This allows them to be tailored to a customer’s individual requirements, who can then additionally choose from a wide range of architectural design options for complete customisation. Their slimline profile makes them a sleek alternative to folding patio doors, and optimised insulation zones ensure that thermal insulation won’t be a problem during those winter months. 

The Schuco ASE 60/80 sliding doors’ versatility and range of design options make them ideal for almost any patio project, including private housing, conservatories, hotels, restaurants, and offices. 

The perfect solution to your hotel, hospitality sector, or office needs

Another of Schuco’s latest design innovations, the ASS 70 High Insulated sliding doors, operate on a lift-and-slide system, allowing for easy and quiet access to patios, balconies, or conservatories. This feature perfectly lends itself to hotels, restaurants, bars, or offices where easy use and smooth, silent transition are a high priority.

These sliding doors are made with robust aluminium and the latest thermal locking technology that maximises their insulation efficiency and keep your indoors warm when you need it to be. Their triple-track outer frame and slim design allow for a clearer and cleaner interior space, against that allowed by bifold patio doors, which can take up more space when folded inwards. They can be coloured how you wish, indoors and outside, with a vast range of palettes to choose from. For an extra touch of ease and comfort, these doors can be fully integrated with an e-slide: a fully concealed, electronically-operated mechanism that can be used at the touch of a button.

Maximum transparency for large-scale panoramic designs

The Schuco ASS 77 PD.SI patio sliding doors offer grand levels of panoramic views that simply cannot be achieved with regular bifold patio doors. As a winner of the prestigious 2012 iF Product Design Award, beating 4321 other entrants from 48 countries, these doors bring outstanding standards of class, functionality, and ingenuity. 

With concealed outer frames, and panes of strengthened glass between just 30mm and 60mm thick, these patio sliding doors maximise the amount of natural light that enters the building, and the amount of view that can be seen when looking out. An innovative double track outer frame means that larger doors don’t need to be tougher to open, and they’re designed to be as ergonomic as possible with an elegant handle-free design. For exceptional levels of automation, consider integration with the concealed Pro Drive and locking system, allowing for quick and silent operation using external control systems. For added security, they can be connected to a fingerprint scanning system or radio control.

These patio sliding doors really have it all when it comes to the latest design trends and automation. They’re perfect for high-value or custom designed and built private properties, especially those with expansive panoramic views that simply cannot be wasted by being viewed through clunky folding patio doors.

Schuco ASS 70 High Insulated Slimline Sliding Doors


Now you know some of the patio sliding door models that best suit each type of building, it’s time to contact a trusted manufacturer or supplier that can guide you through every stage of the process, from design conception to installation and finishing touches. 

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