Schuco Insulated Conservatory Winter Garden

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Conservatories – Living with nature

Light, air and contact with nature are basic needs for human beings. They ensure our well-being. With a conservatory, you can fulfil these needs all the year round. It creates a comfortable and homely atmosphere and brings more light to your living space.

You can experience the specific beauty of each season at close quarters without feeling the disadvantages of the cold and wet. Enjoy spring and autumn even when it is cold or raining, and sit amid the most idyllic winter landscape without freezing.

Schuco conservatories consist of various components all perfectly matched to one another. As a result of this variety, the conservatory can be matched individually to the style of your house. Thermal and moisture-related loading on conservatories requires high-quality building materials. With thermally insulated profiles and glazing of the highest quality, Schuco conservatories meet the requirements of the EnEV energy saving regulations.

An optimum climate even in summer

Contrary to wide-spread opinion, modern conservatories do not use additional heating. Quite the contrary: Incidental sunlight is converted into heat, heat up the floor tiles. This heat, on the other hand, is unable to escape from the glass envelope. This produces a greenhouse effect which significantly reduces the need for extreme heating from conventional heating systems.

In order that the conservatory does not overheat in summer Schuco offers versatile solar shading options: Roller shutters and external blind systems, Schuco sliding louvres as well as awnings, all of which are perfectly tailored to the conservatory modules. With automatic ventilation systems you can ensure a comfortable indoor temperature when outside temperatures are high. In addition, there is a wide choice of attractive roof windows for climate control available.

Well protected

So that you can feel just as safe in your conservatory as in the rest of your house, Schuco has devoted particular attention to this field of product development. With special burglar-resistant profile series for the opening units used for the conservatory, suitably highly effective fittings technology and the use of security glazing and your conservatory will be effectively protected from valdalism and break-in.

More comfort, more living space

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose a Schuco conservatory. On the one hand, you will experience an oasis of well-being in the garden, on the other hand you will be investing in your property to increase its value.

And the best thing is: You can always find room for a Schuco conservatory, for example the green area in front of the living room, a covered terrace or a room integrated from the outset in a newbuild. Whether you decide on a small-scale solution or a multi-storey conservatory, with a Schuco conservatory you will enjoy comfort at the highest level and also benefit from generously extended living space.

Elegantly roofed

Even if you “only” want a covered seating area in the open air, Schuco can offer you the perfect solution with its terrace roofs. Unlike the ubiquitous wooden pergolas of previous years, which, in conjunction with dark canopies, produced a gloomy and unfriendly atmosphere, Schuco terrace roofs make your terrace appear bright and flooded with light. On account of the timelessly beautiful design, the roof will blend seamlessly into every facade and offers effective protection against rain and wind, and also longer residual heat during the evening hours.


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