Schuco ASS 80 High Insulated Folding Doors

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Schuco ASS 80 FD.HI

With the ASS 80 FD.HI folding/sliding door, Schuco is offering a unique folding/sliding system, which achieves a Uf value of down to 1.6 W/m²K and a Uw value <1.3 W/m²K. The requirements of EnEV 2009 are therefore fulfilled with ease. The outstanding Uf values are achieved as a result of extending the insulation zone, integrating a centre gasket in the outer frame and using glazing rebate insulation.

Key benefits of Schuco ASS 80

  • Uw values below 1.3 W/m²K
  • Basic depth of 80 mm
  • Narrow face widths of 112 mm (outside view of a standard fold)
  • Schuco AWS 70 BS.HI window vent can be integrated in the folding vent as a turn/tilt vent
  • Outstanding weather tightness due to the gasket in the vent frame and an additional second sealing level in the insulating bar of the vent
  • Units can be fabricated with a continuous outer frame or with a flush, thermally insulated threshold profile for easy access.
  • With a width of 1.2 m, vent heights of up to 3.0 m are possible
  • The system offers a wide choice of styles

Large area systems can be installed in a minimal space in both commercial and private building projects using the highly thermally insulated folding/sliding system.


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