The Schuco ASS 70.HI Slimline lift-and-slide system provides easy, quiet access to balconies,

patios and conservatories. Since the sliding leaves run on one level, there are no door leaves opening inward or outward.

This provides you with more space for your interior.

Schuco ASS 70 High Insulated Slimline Sliding Doors

PRODUCT Specifications

  • Highly robust aluminum profiles with high thermal insulation values
  • Integration of e-slide: fully concealed, electrically operated mechanism
  • Max. leaf width 3000 mm and leaf height 3000 mm

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Schuco ASS 70 High Insulated Slimline Sliding Doors


With its narrow profile face widths and large glass areas, the Schuco ASS 70.HI Slimline system is ideal for restaurants, hotels, office buildings and high-quality residential buildings. The sliding door designs can be adapted to suit individual customer requirements by means of sash bars, feature glazing beads and stainless steel fittings.

Silent and Effortless

These doors are almost silent in operation and open effortlessly. Highly technically advanced sliding and folding designs – with door leafs neatly stacking together when opened, offering space-saving storage coupled with maximum opening areas.

Technical Specifications

Key Features

  Feature  Value
Slim Face Widths of Leaf Frame88 mm
Extra Slim Line Version Available with Center Leafs48 mm
High Thermal InsulationRobust aluminum profiles with high insulation values
Maximum Leaf Width and Height3000 mm x 3000 mm
Profile Colour VarietyDiverse range for interior and exterior
OperationSmooth, quiet with stainless steel tracks
Burglar ResistanceUp to security class WK2
WeathertightnessUp to 600 Pa
Leaf Weight CapacityUp to 300 kg

Key benefits

  • Integration of e-slide: fully concealed, electrically operated mechanism
  • Improved comfort and convenience with new fittings system
  • Stainless steel tracks ensure smooth, quiet operation
  • New leaf option with rounded design
  • Continuous gasket rebate on both sides for improved sound reduction
  • Triple-track outer frame
  • Easily connected to the Schuco AWS system (adapter profile)

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