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Schuco ASS 50

PRODUCT Specifications

    • Advanced Design with Thermally insulated aluminum profiles and e-slide integration
    • Optional burglar resistance and double continuous EPDM gaskets for enhanced sound insulation
    • Weathertight up to 600 Pa, supports leaf weights up to 300 kg

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Schuco ASS 50


There is virtually no limit to design freedom. The sliding door constructions can be perfectly tailored to individual customer requirements using sash bars, feature glazing beads and stainless steel fittings. Furthermore, it can have different profile colours inside and outside (colour coated or anodised surface).


The Schuco ASS 50 system offers ideal project solutions in the private housing sector (including conservatories), the hotel and catering sector, and in office buildings as sliding windows.

Technical Specifications

System and Profile Specifications

  Specification  Detail
Basic Depth of Vent Profile50 mm
Basic Depth of Outer Frame ProfileFrom 120 mm
Glazing Thicknesses8 mm to 32 mm
WatertightnessClass 9A
Sound InsulationR ≤ 40 dB

Performance and Security Specifications

  Specification  Detail
Thermal Transmittance (Uf)4.16 W/m²K
Thermal Transmittance (Ud)1.9 W/m²K (Ug = 1.1 W/m²K ψ = 0.08 W/mK)
Maximum Vent SizesUp to 9 m² (depending on the design)
Maximum Vent WeightsUp to 400 kg (depending on the design)
Burglar Resistance (WK2)In accordance with DIN V ENV 1627

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Outstanding Design

The Schuco ASS 50 Sliding Door has thermally insulated aluminium profiles with high stability, along with fully concealed and electrically operated mechanism with e-slide integration. The product has also stainless steel tracks which ensure smooth and quiet operation, optional burglar resistance and double continuous EPDM gaskets for increased sound insulation for lift-and-slide systems. They are weathertight to 600 Pa, leaf weights up to 300 kg and they are easily connected to the Schuco AWS system (adapter profile).

The sliding doors of the Schuco ASS 50 system create generous, unimpeded and smooth-running passage openings (with three tracks, up to two-thirds of the unit width) and require a minimum amount of space. Since the sliding leaves run on one level, there are no door leaves opening inward or outward. In a closed state, the aluminium system offers excellent thermal and sound insulation owing to perfect weather tightness.

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