Schüco systematically and continuously optimises existing and established products aiming to set new standards.

The result of this ongoing development is the new ASE 60/80 (Aluminium Sliding Element) sliding system range.

PRODUCT Specifications

  • High-quality design and maximum operating comfort with SimplySmart design, fabrication and installation
  • Modular and scalable profile system with outstanding thermal insulation
  • ‘One-size fits all’ modular fittings system

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Optimal Insulation

The Schuco ASE 60/80 offers optimised insulation zones and significantly improves thermal insulation properties in all basic depths, even up to passive house level (with a basic depth of 80 mm).

Intuitive Design

Furthermore, all designs of the system – single, double and triple track – are based on multifunctional profiles, which allows optimal use of identical parts. The fittings system, which is also modular, can be used as both sliding and lift-and-slide fittings.

Technical Specifications

Fabrication and installation

New principles and details have been introduced in the fabrication of the Schüco
ASE 60/80 sliding system range. In contrast to previous versions, the whole fabrication
process is now identical for both basic depths. This makes the project-specific selection
of the right basic depth for fabrication more flexible. The corner cleats can be fabricated with either nails or screws.

Using prepared components, fabrication is quicker and easier. Plastic profiles with integrated gaskets, for example, are therefore available. In another simplification, the slider profile is now available as a 6 m profile, which helps make vent installation easier.


Investment security
Modular and scalable profile system: Highly flexible in terms of thermal insulation
13 different opening types: Almost unlimited design freedom
The high-quality components used guarantee reliable and long-lasting system solutions
Planning benefits
Modularity of the scalable profile system ensures a high level of flexibility when it comes to thermal insulation
Ground-level threshold and narrow coupling profiles: Highlights in terms of comfort and design
Concealed fittings groove without visible technical components: Clear and elegant look
Fabrication benefits
Vent fabrication without rolling to reduce the bimetallic effect, even for RC solutions
New: The use of a fittings system both for sliding and lift-and-slide applications reduces complexity and storage
Multifunctional components: Short fabrication time and increased process reliability

Product benefits

  • Single, double and triple track
  • Modular Fitting System
  • An expanded range of sizes
  • Slimline profile constructions
  • Thermal insulation
  • Countless architectural design options
  • Simply Smart design, fabrication and installation

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There is virtually no limit to design freedom. The sliding door constructions can be perfectly tailored to individual customer requirements using sash bars, feature glazing beads and stainless steel fittings.


The Schuco ASE system offers ideal project solutions in the private housing sector (including conservatories), the hotel and catering sector, and in office buildings as sliding windows.

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