Renowned for their cutting-edge engineering and design, Schüco bifold doors are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. They use a concertina opening mechanism, meaning they take up minimal space yet offer maximum natural light and views.

With its incredibly slim sightlines and flush-fitted frames, the brand-new Schüco AS FD 75/90 offers a higher glass-to-frame ratio than ever.

All doors are PAS24 approved.

PRODUCT Specifications

  • Safe, smooth design and precision German engineering
  • Outstanding thermal performance with a U-value of 1,0 W/(m²K)
  • Schüco’s slimmest sightlines yet at only 90mm

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Improved Accessibility

Bifolds are always a great addition to a property for accessibility, and the Schüco AS FD 75/90 is no exception. Its almost flat, 4mm threshold offers great rollover capacity, and the system is adaptable to many installation situations.

Whatever your accessibility needs, the AS FD 75/90.HI can easily be adjusted to suit you.

Quick and Simple Installation

The Schüco AS FD 75/90.HI makes bifold installation is made simple. Its design is as stripped-back and simple as possible for easy installation and a clean, minimalist look.

The AS FD 75/90 system has integrated Schüco’s typical robust aluminium profiles into the main frame of the door. This makes assembly and preparation much quicker and more straightforward than in previous models.

Technical Specifications

Panel dimensions

The AS FD 75/90.HI’s panels can be up to 3500mm in height and 1500mm in width. This allows greater freedom for home design and implementation.

Panel heightUp to 3500mm
Panel widthUp to 1500mm
BenefitsGreater freedom for home design and implementation


There are two widths available for sashes:

  • A 48 mm profile width with a 104 mm face width. This offers a regular glass edge cover and features a 22 mm glazing bead.
  • A 41 mm profile width with a 90mm face width. This offers a reduced glass edge cover and features a 15 mm glazing bead.
Profile widthFace widthGlass edge coverGlazing bead
48 mm104 mmRegular22 mm
41 mm90 mmRegular15 mm

The wider option is more robust and thus ideal for homeowners in areas with harsher weather conditions. The slimmer option is a great choice for those looking for a more streamlined look.

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The Schüco AS FD 75/90.HI boats a simple, elegant design which brings cutting-edge minimalism to any home. It is 100% flush-fitted, with minimalist joints which allow for the optimum glass-to-frame ratio.

There are no fixed glass panels required by the AS FD 75/90.HI. They allow you to open up a whole wall for a seamless transition between the outside and inside.

Thanks to its incredible glass-to-frame ratio, this bifold system even offers exceptional views when closed.

Thanks to a large number of customisable options, Schüco bifold systems can bring any design idea to life.

This Schüco bi-folding door system is extremely quiet to operate. Featuring an all-new, high-quality stainless steel roller carriage and tracks, the AS FD 75/90.HI is one of the quietest systems on the market.

Schüco doors are engineered to be energy-efficient and reliable during all weather conditions, making them ideal for UK builds. The new AS FD 75/90.HI bifold door system is no exception, highly reliable in high winds. It is in the B3 class for wind load resistance, which means that is built to be safe even in hurricane-force winds.

The AS FD 75/90.Hl system is built to ensure a high level of security. It meets burglar resistance class RC 2 and includes a magnetic retaining catch to ensure the secure opening and closing of your bifold doors.

For more peace of mind, Schüco also offers a comprehensive selection of opening and locking types to suit your property’s security needs.


The AS FD 75/90 HI also offers three different threshold options: an exposed 71mm outer frame, a 15mm threshold and a 4mm threshold. This allows you to opt for a more streamlined appearance and accessible entry if desired.

Opening options

While many bifold doors are limited to folding back in one direction, Schüco doors offer various options. With the AS FD 75/90.Hl, you can choose for your doors to fold back in the way that best fits the space you are working with.

The AS FD 75/90 HI also offers the option of a side-hung door for easy and quick access, giving you more flexibility in your room.

Easy integration

Schüco doors can be easily integrated, meaning that if you choose to install an AS FD 75/90.HI bifold system, you can also reap the benefits of other models.

Schuco door

Thermal Insulation

The AS FD 75/90.HI is one of the best-insulated bifold systems on the market, boasting outstanding thermal performance with a U-value of 1,0 W/(m²K).

Schüco offer two thermal insulation options to choose from, allowing you to choose the best insulation for your property.


Rainproofing is a common concern for bifold customers in the UK.

Even with their sleek, low thresholds, Schüco bifold doors are watertight. The Schüco AS FD 75/9 features four different drainage levels in two continuous gasket profiles, offering a watertight seal that makes that system one of the most rainproof on the market.

While many brands will not offer low thresholds for external doors, the Schüco AS FD 75/90.HI is built to withstand even British weather with a high water tightness rating of class 9A.

New locking options also improve its water permeability, making this one of the most watertight bifold door systems on the market.

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