Its extraordinary glazing capacity allows the placement of glass panes up to 54 mm thick, guaranteeing the best acoustic and thermal performance in a system with these characteristics.

PRODUCT Specifications

  • Maximum luminosity, Stainless steel reinforced channel and durable surface finishing
  • Acoustic Insulation and Antibacterial powder coating
  • Cor-Vision Plus Sliding System is available in configurations of fixed, sash 2 and sash 4 sashes, and the maximum dimensions are 4,000 mm/sash width/height.

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Maximising Light and Space: Cor-Vision Plus Overview

The Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus Sliding System redefines the concept of spaciousness and luminosity in your home. This minimalistic sliding system is tailored for large dimensions, providing an expansive glass surface that allows an impressive 94% of natural light to flood your living spaces. The Cor-Vision Plus system ensures an unobstructed view and a sleek aesthetic, with a mere 25mm visible section of aluminium.


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Versatility and Performance


The Cor-Vision Plus Sliding System is not only about aesthetics but also about versatility and performance. Accommodating glass panes up to 54mm thick, ensuring superior acoustic and thermal insulation.

Enjoy the flexibility of totally inlaying the bottom, lateral, and top frames for seamless integration with your home’s design. Available in fixed, sash 2, and sash 4 configurations, with maximum dimensions reaching 4,000mm in width or height.


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Smart Operation and Durability


Beyond its elegant design and technical prowess, the Cor-Vision Plus Sliding System brings convenience and durability to the forefront. Both security features, and construction details that contribute to its longevity, making it an intelligent choice for modern homes.

  • Choose between a motorised opening supporting weights up to 700kg and a manual opening for up to 400kg.
  • Enhance security with the option of a multipoint lock system operated by a rod, with or without a key.
  • Benefit from a traditional assembly procedure with a perimeter frame, 45-degree cut, and straight cut in the sashes, facilitating easy disassembly in case of glass breakage or aluminium profile damage.


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Technical Specifications

Cortizo Cor Vision Plus Specifications

  Feature  Value
Visible SectionJust 25 mm
Inlay PossibilityCan inlay bottom, lateral and top frames totally
Motorised OpeningFor weights up to 700 kg
Manual OpeningFor weights up to 400 kg
Multipoint Lock SystemAllows placement, operated by a rod, with or without key
RollersPlaced in the frame; sashes have stainless steel reinforced channel
Assembling ProcedureTraditional, with 45-degree cut in frame and straight cut in sashes; allows disassembly in case of damage

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