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Cor-Vision Sliding System

An avant-garde thermal sliding system design that permits the maximum luminosity with a minimum visible section of aluminium. It is now possible to cover large openings with a glass surface of 94%.
It’s extraordinary glazing capacity allows the placement of glass panes up to 54 mm thickness, which guarantees the best acoustic and thermal performance in a system with these characteristics.
Cor-Vision Sliding System is available in configurations of fixed, sash 2 and sash 4 sashes, and the maximum dimensions are 4,000 mm / sash width / height.
It has a visible section of just 25mm and has the possibility to totally inlay the bottom, lateral and top frames.
It comes with the possibility of motorised opening for weights upto 700kg and manual opening for up to 400kg. Additional it allows the placement of multipoint lock system by operating rod, with or without key.
The rollers are placed in the frame and the sashes Count with a stainless steel reinforced channel which makes the sliding movement smoother.
This is a system with a traditional procedure of assembling with a perimeter frame, 45 degree cut, and straight cut in the sashes, which allows the disassembly of the sash in case of the glass breaking or with any damages to the aluminium profile.

Key benefits:

  • Visible section of only 20 mm
  • Maximum surface glazing area
  • Possibility of embed the bottom, top and lateral frames with in the wall
  • Possibility of pocket system
  • Possibility of sash encounters at a 90° corner without a mullion

This system is available in a possibility of  bicolor systems

Color powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)

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