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Cor-Vision Sliding System

The Cortizo Cor-Vision sliding system is an avant-garde sliding door design. Its slim frames allow maximum light in with a minimal visible section of aluminium. With Cortizo Cor-Vision sliding patio doors, up to 94% of an opening can be covered with glass.

Cortizo are known across Europe and even internationally for their quality and reliability. Their Cor-Vision sliding doors are no exception, at the forefront of the latest technology for patio doors.

Whether you aim to upgrade the look of a traditional property or to add the finishing touch to a modern extension or new build, Cortizo sliding doors are a perfect choice.

Key benefits:

  • Visible section of only 20 mm 
  • Maximum surface glazing area
  • Possibility of embedding the bottom, top and lateral frames within the wall
  • Possibility of pocket system
  • Possibility of sash encounters at a 90° corner without a mullion 

This system is available in a possibility of  bicolor systems

Color powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)

To learn more about Cortizo Cor-Vision sliding doors and how their clean, minimalistic look can fit in with your property, drop us a message.

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Choose a sleek, stylish look 

Cortizo’s signature slimline aluminium look will make your property feel luxurious and modern. Their Cor-Vision sliding door design is clean and minimalistic. It features just 20mm of visible section, a slim interlock, low thresholds and even recessed handles. The frames can even be inlaid in the surrounding walls for a streamlined look, allowing the maximum amount of glass possible. With Cortizo sliding doors, you will have many opportunities to customise your doors. They can be adjusted to complement your property’s existing installations and improve the overall appearance of your home. For new builds and extensions, you can even opt for doors that slide into a concealed panel, allowing for a larger entryway


Introduce unrivalled amounts of natural light  

Cortizo sliding doors are a great option to let more natural light into your home. Cortizo products use a minimalist all-glass design which allows for significant gaps to be covered, enabling maximum light in using the least amount of aluminium. With floor-to-ceiling glass panels, you can flood your house with light, reduce energy bills and make your home feel bigger and brighter.


Maximise your space 

Cortizo sliding doors are an excellent space-saving installation. Since they slide over each other on a track rather than swinging on a hinge like traditional doors or folding like bifolds, there is no need to make space in your room to fit them in. Additionally, Cor-Vision sliding doors create the illusion of more space in your room. The large glass panels open up your room and seamlessly link interior and exterior. 


Increase your property’s value 

Choosing a Cortizo sliding door can improve your property’s kerb appeal and energy efficiency, making it more attractive to potential buyers. In addition, thanks to their reputation for high-quality aluminium, installing a Cortizo sliding door system can add value to your property.


Improve airflow in your property

Cortizo’s aluminium sliding doors can also increase airflow and circulation in your home. If your home has few big windows or doors, Cortizo sliding doors will help by allowing air into your room. This cools a room and freshens the air. Sliding doors improve air quality and can even increase your home’s energy efficiency, reducing your need for air conditioning and saving your energy bills and carbon footprint. 


Choose top-tier thermal performance 

As they are fitted with double glazed glass panels, Cortizo products offer some of the best thermal insulation on the market. Double glazing is an excellent thermal break and increases your doors’ wind resistance, improving your home’s insulation and significantly reducing your heating bills. The Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus doors offer triple glazing for even better insulation. If your property is situated in a wind trap or an area more susceptible to temperature extremes, this model may be an excellent choice for you. 


Opt for high acoustic insulation 

Cortizo’s double glazing also means that their sliding doors offer excellent acoustic insulation. With Cortizo sliding doors, you will never have to worry about noise complaints or disturbances from local roads or houses. 


Increase ease of access 

Sliding doors open up a significantly larger entrance than traditional doors, significantly increasing accessibility. Cortizo as a brand have a strong social conscience and always prioritise accessibility. With the Cor-Vision system, they have introduced the option to embed your Cortizo sliding door frames into the floor, making access easier. This is ideal for families with young children, since it reduces trip hazards. It also makes accessibility better for mobility aid users. If you are looking to make your home even more accessible, you can opt for the Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus aluminium sliding doors. These allow you to opt for a motorised opening system. 


Ensure your property is protected against harsh weather  

As well as being well insulated, Cortizo’s extensive testing ensures that their doors have excellent weather performance, even in harsh conditions. Their robust aluminium designs mean water damage and regular wear and tear will never be a concern. You can even opt for a built-in drainage system with a stainless-steel drainage grid.  


Customise your door to perfectly fit your property 

This Cortizo sliding door is incredibly customisable. No matter the limits on your type of property or preferred design style, it will suit your home. Cortizo sliding doors can be configured with a choice of two or four sashes, with a maximum size of 4,000mm x 4,000mm. You can choose single, double, or even triple tracks for your door to slide on. Cortizo’s slimline aluminium design means that your sliding system will look sleek and stylish even with triple tracks. Cortizo sliding doors are available in various colour powder coatings, including RAL, mottled, rough and others. They also offer wood effect powder coating for a more rustic look. If you are looking for a more durable finish, Cortizo offer an anodised aluminium option. Bicolour designs are also available to fit your home’s colour scheme.  


Ensure your property is safe and secure  

Cortizo doors use some of the most advanced security systems in the world. They use anti-theft security fittings, key locks, and even allow the placement of a multipoint lock system. With their toughened glass and sturdy aluminium frames, you can be sure that your Cortizo doors will not be broken into, even in well-populated areas. Cortizo also use a standard installation procedure for these sliding doors, which allows for easy removal of the windows in case of any damage to the glass or aluminium frame. 


Choose the smoothest movement on the market 

The door’s framed rollers run in a stainless-steel reinforced channel, making their sliding movement incredibly smooth.  


Choose a robust frame for your reassurance 

If you’re looking for sturdy sliding doors for your property, look no further than Cortizo. While many sliding doors are flimsy due to cheap manufacturing, this robust door system is structurally bonded, meaning that the glass and frame are one single unit. 


Keep your home eco-friendly 

Cortizo as a brand pride themselves on being eco-friendly. They focus on being socially conscious and energy efficient. They prioritise the use of recycled materials. Cortizo’s own sub-company, Cortizo Recycling, transports recycled aluminium from over 2,400 collection points over Europe to their foundries, where it is reused to make a great product. Their recycling efforts are also low-energy, accounting for just 5% of their primary energy consumption. The use of toxic materials such as lead and cadmium is banned in the production of their products. Their waste treatment plants operate according to the highest standards possible in the EU. When purchasing a Cortizo sliding door, you can feel reassured that you’ve made an environmentally friendly purchase. 


Rely on Cortizo’s brand quality  

Cortizo sliding doors are designed to incredibly high standards, and the brand is known worldwide for its consistent quality. All new Cortizo doors are rigorously tested in advanced testing centres, and all new doors come with a long guarantee. With nine production centres, thirty-one logistics centres and a production capacity of 150,000 tons per year, Cortizo has some of the most extensive expertise and experience in the industry. Even among the best aluminium manufacturers in Europe, Cortizo stands out for taking care of the entire production cycle, from casting their doors to distributing them to suppliers. 


With Cortizo, you can have complete confidence in the quality of your doors, the assurance of long-lasting support. 

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